1. The extended abstracts must be submitted online (after login) on the symposium website:

    2. Extended abstracts must have two pages and will be submitted in English.

    3. It is recommended to use the program with the MS WORD processor (.docx) and respect the structure and formatting information from the following template: Template_extended_abstract.docx

    4. The entire responsibility of the content belongs to the authors.


    Workflow to submit a new paper: 1. Author submits the abstract first (from MyArea->Submit Papers -> click on "SUBMIT A NEW PAPER") -> 2. Author fills-in the abstract submission form (the abstract file will be generated automatically) -> 3. Section coordinator assigns the abstract to a rewiewer for evalution -> 4. After evalution, the Reviewer accepts or refuses the abstract -> 5. AFTER the abstract is accepted, the author will be able to upload the FULL PAPER, from MyArea->Submit Papers -> click on "UPLOAD FULL PAPER" and upload the paper file.













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